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Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church

  • Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church

    “Pleasure to work with.”

    – Jerry,

    Facilities Manager

    Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), which was established in 1999 and now counts nearly 700 members. Spirit of Grace serves an active adult community in the Sun City Grand area in Arizona.


    Find a Hard-Working Service Provider

    Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church wanted to start outsourcing their facility services, and it was important for them to find a service provider that would meet all of their expectations, and achieve the quality results they were looking for.


    Teaming Up With OpenWorks

    Spirit of Grace teamed up with OpenWorks and they couldn’t be happier. They said that their OpenWorks team arrives on time and completes everything on schedule, and that we complete the scope of work while meeting all expectations.


    Results to Be Happy With

    Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church has been very happy with OpenWorks’s communication skills, and the honest work ethic of their team. They are very happy with the results and would absolutely recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or friend.

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