Aldersgate Children’s Center

“I recommend OpenWorks to anyone in need of professional janitorial service.”

– Jackie,


Established by Aldersgate United Methodist Church, the Children’s Center provides various programs for infants, toddlers, pre-school and school age children, and provides an opportunity to help nurture and develop the children of its local community. 


Find a Consistent Service Provider

Aldersgate Children’s Center wanted to find a service provider that was consistent in their custodial service, and delivered on meeting their daily needs. They wanted to find a team that they considered to be reliable.


Working With OpenWorks

Aldersgate Children’s Center brought OpenWorks on board after they were less than impressed with their previous service provider and their inconsistent level of service. OpenWorks listened to Aldersgate Children’s Center’s concerns and provided a crew that they thought would be able to deliver the best results.


A Service Provider That Delivers

Aldersgate Children’s Center considers OpenWorks’s level of communication to be one of our biggest strengths. They believe that this provides for the best possible service. They also feel that their team is responsible, reliable and dedicated. They added that their janitorial team takes pride in the task at hand and exceeds their expectations on a daily basis. Aldersgate Children’s Center appreciates their OpenWorks team, and would recommend OpenWorks to anyone in need of professional janitorial services.