April New Hire Training Class

OpenWorks makes no secret about how much we appreciate our employees, and how important it is to us that our employees are made to feel valued.

As well as offering competitive job benefits and incentives, we strive to invest in our employees right from the get-go, and that includes our newest hires!

With our rapid expansion, OpenWorks has been hosting a new hire training class every month at our corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, where we fly our new recruits into town. During the day, the recruits attend training classes that cover everything from OpenWorks’ organization charts, to personality assessments, to company culture and business development. In the evenings, new hires are taken out by Corporate team members to dinner around Phoenix as they get to sample the city, and they also experience the world of an OpenWorks franchise owner by cleaning our corporate offices one evening!

Our April Training class had an absolute ball here in Phoenix! From sampling frozen yogurt to enjoying the Phoenix office’s annual salad pot luck, we were so happy to be able to host this group of promising new employees! Below are some photos of the week:

The purpose of New Hire Training week is, of course, to educate our new team members as we welcome them into the fold, but it’s also an opportunity to show them just how important a thriving and happy company culture is to us. OpenWorks wants to keep being the employer of choice year after year, and what better way than to show our commitment to our team than by kicking off the very first week with a bang! We are already looking forward to May’s training class, and can’t wait to meet our new recruits.

If you are interested in becoming an OpenWorks employee, visit our careers page to learn more.