March 22, 2021

So much of our attention has been focused on the COVID-19 pandemic — and rightly so. It highlighted the importance of keeping offices and workplaces clean and disinfected to prevent the spread of the virus. Even with a vaccine being rolled out, you cannot afford to relax. Keeping your employees safe and healthy requires an […]

March 15, 2021

Even if you are following CDC and OSHA guidelines on cleaning and disinfecting your facility, there may still be growing germs and bacteria that can lead to illnesses. Your commercial janitorial service should be using EPA-registered disinfectants as part of their cleaning and disinfecting regimen. This is important to deactivate germs that are growing on […]

March 8, 2021

President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order in January directing federal regulators to update and strengthen workplace safety guidelines during the pandemic. It is expected to change what employers and facility operators will be required to do to keep their employees and visitors safe. Within the Order, there is also a call for stricter enforcement […]

March 1, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting facilities in 2021. They are now recommending a three-step process for making sure your facilities are safe. Step One: Develop Your Plan Determine what areas need to be cleaned Determine areas that need disinfection with priority given to frequently touched […]