BPL Plasma, Inc

“A consistently clean facility with no complaints about quality of service!”.

– Heath,


BPL Plasma has been a global leader in the plasma collection industry for more than 25 years, and prides themselves on operating clean and safe plasma facilities. Always growing, BPL currently has plasma centers throughout the United States, with plans to open more.


Maintain a Consistent Quality of Service

For BPL Plasma, Inc., the safety and cleanliness of their facilities is of paramount importance, given the high standards of their industry and their own commitment to their patients. They wanted to find a service provider who would deliver the same quality results every day, and who would make their patients feel safe and comfortable in the BPL environment.


Calling OpenWorks

After calling OpenWorks, BPL Plasma, Inc. found that their issue of receiving inconsistent service from their previous service provider had been resolved. They said that they now have a consistently clean facility with OpenWorks on board, and absolutely no complaints about quality of service.


Immediate and Consistent Results

BPL Plasma, Inc. immediately found that OpenWorks delivers consistent results, great customer service, and is persistent when it comes to following up to ensure that there are no issues or concerns. BPL wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or friend, and want to express their thanks to their team for their excellent service!