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Here’s What Our Employees Are Saying About OpenWorks:

“The facilities services industry is a great market if you want to build a successful career in sales. OpenWorks is the place to get that experience and develop your skills.”

“The advice I have for a new college graduate who is interested in OpenWorks is ‘don’t be intimidated!’ We have a new position – Account Executive Trainee, which is tailored for recent college graduates.”

“One thing that was appealing when I first applied to OpenWorks was knowing that it’s been in business for over 30 years and continuing to grow!”

“Knowing my ideas and opinions are valued, motivates me to come to work every day.”

“We have career paths for every position in the company, the opportunities are endless and I’m proof of that.”

“One of the great things about OpenWorks is that we are very transparent in how we do business. When you come to work you know exactly where you stand each and every day. You’ll know what you’re accomplishing well and what you might need to work on to get to the level you want.”

“Many thanks to everyone at OpenWorks for all your great help. The Q1 profit sharing comes at a good time. Thank you all, this is a GREAT place to work!”

“Congrats President’s Club Recipients! Hope you enjoyed your trip to Puerto Vallarta! Well deserved!”

“Congrats Team OpenWorks on achieving Q1 Target. All employees are enjoying spending their profit sharing bonuses.”

“Commission and bonus opportunities are great! If you’re a go-getter, your earning potential is truly unlimited.”

“My biggest achievement was the opportunity to be promoted within a year of starting here. That shows that OpenWorks is holding true to their career path – if you perform, you’re going to be rewarded with a promotion.”

“At OpenWorks, everyone’s voice matters, everyone has an opinion, and everyone is heard.”

“The great thing about our CEO is that his door is always open and anybody can go in with questions and news.”