Cellular Sales

“OpenWorks always shows up.”

– Alyssa,

Office Manager

Cellular Sales is a management company that operates wireless phone stores for Verizon Wireless across the US. As well as working on expanding their retail system throughout the country, they are dedicated to providing their customers with the very best service.


Find a Dependable Service Provider

Cellular Sales needed to find a dependable service provider that they could trust to be around their inventory. They relayed that they have had a lot of inventory on hand that they felt they were unable to trust around just anyone.


Teaming Up with OpenWorks

After bringing OpenWorks on board, Cellular Sales relayed that they really valued our dependability. They said that they know their OpenWorks team will show up every Thursday without fail. This had been an issue with their previous service provider – they didn’t show up when they were supposed to and were undependable and unprofessional.


A Good Experience

Cellular Sales has confidence in OpenWorks – they relayed that when they were in a bind, their OpenWorks team stepped up to the plate and took over the job, performing it efficiently. Overall, Cellular Sales has had a good experience with OpenWorks and would recommend us a to business associate or friend.