Corporate Procurement: Janitorial Cleaning & Building Services

Results that add value to your bottom line

Quality. At OpenWorks, it’s more than just a word. We set out to achieve it every day, and we do. Many satisfied customers can attest to the quality of janitorial cleaning and building services and our 99% customer retention rate speaks volumes too.

Fair and honest relationship principles

We recognize the need to deliver measurable results, serve customers to the fullest and live up to their expectations. This is why we follow these philosophies to work together with procurement and end-users.

  • Successful relationships are based on trust, and trust is earned by being the first to give it.
  • Contracts are between companies but performed by individuals.
  • Our janitorial cleaning and building services contracts document initial expectations, understandings and requirements, but our service relationships are elastic. This flexibility enables us to deliver added value while meeting contractual requirements.
  • Our priority is to look out for your best interests by mitigating risk, controlling costs and improving performance.
  • Communication is proactive and strategies, deficiencies and challenges should be communicated to avoid surprises.
  • Communication is customized to meet the needs of the situation and occurs hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually as required.
  • We proactively and routinely recommend initiatives that lower your costs and improve quality and service.
  • Our goal is to serve as an advocate within your company to secure resources and commitments.
  • We’re committed to delivering consistent results as specified in our bid that we submitted, and to verify performance including ongoing service delivery and timely reports.

Experience you can count on

With a 25-year history of providing results for our customers, OpenWorks is a different kind of janitorial cleaning and building services company. We don’t just maintain facilities, we improve them, which means we provide you with a cost-effective solution and improved working conditions that increase productivity.

Since we service over 30 million square feet of office space, we have developed a reputation as a leading facilities services company that has relied on its entrepreneurial “can-do” spirit to become an industry innovator.

Expect great work every time

Attention, communication and a job performed to the highest of standards every time – these are just some of the benefits of choosing OpenWorks for your company’s cleaning needs.

  • Cost-effective cleaning solutions and time-saving solutions
  • Total quality control – from hiring and training to monitoring results
  • OSHA, HEPA, and Right-to-Know compliant
  • Support from a centralized administration
  • Highly professional and well-trained uniformed cleaning personnel
  • Quality service audits performed on a regular basis
  • Environmentally sound “Green Clean” and LEED certification programs
  • For the best in janitorial services, contact OpenWorks. We are your solution for high-end, consistent full-service facility solutions.

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