Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Services

OpenWorks offers facilities service experience you can count on. Our commercial cleaning and maintenance services have been helping clients improve their facilities since 1983. We currently serve more than 1,500 clients nationwide in over 30-million square feet of office and building space.

Expert Knowledge and Training

We also offer specialty commercial cleaning and maintenance services and act as an alliance partner and one-stop service provider for businesses in industries such as:


We ensure that you provide a clean, safe, and well-managed environment for students, staff, parents and visitors.


Our financial office cleaning services help you maintain the high standards that fit your company’s image.


Whether your facility is a surgery center, outpatient clinic, medical office, our comprehensive healthcare cleaning program helps you keep employees and patients healthier by preventing infection.


We implement environmentally-friendly cleaning and maintenance best practices that help you maintain the image and service level that guests expect.


Our sustainable, environmentally friendly best practices and processes reduce air-born contaminants, lower cleaning supplies and labor costs, and reduce absenteeism rates.


Our professional staff cleans your office space so that it’s a better, healthier and more productive place to work.


We use the latest and best cleaning technologies, including our Green Clean program, to improve indoor air quality and enhance customer satisfaction.

We provide comprehensive and reliable solutions for a wide range of demands. Learn how our unique approach in these areas can result in improved efficiency, savings and reduced costs for your company.


We provide a broad range of commercial cleaning services for diverse work environments.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape care and maintenance services help you maintain your company image. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly programs designed around your property needs.

Pest Control

A healthy work environment is free of pests. We provide regular treatments to get rid of rodents, roaches, ants and scorpions and outdoor pests such as pigeons and bees.

HVAC Service

Heating and a/c systems always seem to go down at the worst possible time. Our HVAC service helps you prevent problems and fix them quickly when they occur.

Electrical & Lighting

When the lights go out or there is no electricity, nothing gets done. Our prompt maintenance and repair services keep the electricity and your business up and running.

Handyman Service

We provide a wide range of general maintenance and facility services to help you run your business efficiently.


We have you covered for plumbing problems such as leaky faucets, slow-running drains and sewer problems.

Supply Replenishment Service

We inventory your supplies to ensure you don’t run out of critical items and monitor usage and spending to help you save money.

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