Retail Cleaning Services

Your spotless store will pay dividends

Retail customers are becoming more discriminating and a spotless place to shop is at the top of their list of demands, and as a retail facility maintenance company, OpenWorks is meeting the challenge. We understand that everything you do revolves around enhancing the customer shopping experience. That is why our retail cleaning services go beyond shiny floors and gleaming surfaces and take advantage of the latest, most pleasing cleaning technologies.

Consistently clean

As a leading retail facility maintenance company, we understand that multi-store retail operations demand consistency. Therefore, we provide uniformity across all your US locations and also provide specific training and experience to satisfy needs that are unique to the retail space.

  • Our owners and operators are trained in the latest retail cleaning best practices, and they observe all OSHA standards, including MSDS regulations, exposure control plans, and chemical handling standards.
  • We work with you to develop a cleaning plan customized for your business.
  • Our Green Clean program ensures your stores are safe and healthy, and we improve indoor air quality to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Restrooms are cleaned and sanitized to be odor- and germ-free.
  • Cleaning cloths and mops used in bathrooms and other areas that are germy or require heavy-duty cleaning are not used elsewhere.
  • Daily cleaning of all flooring including carpets, stone, ceramic, hardwood, vinyl and rubber, and periodic deep-cleaning to ensure longevity.


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