Fall New Hire Training

We’re back with another post on our new hire training classes! We take great pride in our training and development culture at OpenWorks, and work hard to make sure that our employees are getting the support they need.

It’s doubly important to us that we introduce our new recruits to our corporate team here in Phoenix. With offices across the country (and an ever-expanding market base), it’s rare that we get an opportunity to get the whole team together; by kicking off a week of training at corporate HQ, it gives  us an opportunity to show new members of the team who we are and provide them with an overview of company operations, culture, and goals. Plus, it’s a fun week spent in the sun, and those who attend the same training class often form a special bond as they navigate through their careers at OpenWorks.

So, how do our training classes work? We host a new class every month every month at our corporate office, and fly new team members into town. They then participate in a week of classes, covering everything from company organization charts to personality assessments and CRM training. They also enjoy dinners with the team in Phoenix and step into the shoes of our franchise owns by cleaning our corporate offices over the course of an evening!

Welcome to our newest recruits from our August and September training classes! We’re so happy to have you join our growing family:

We’re currently getting ready to host our October new hire training class, as well as planning a sales conference for all our new hires. Watch this space for some exciting updates soon!


If you are interested in a career with OpenWorks, visit our careers page to learn more.