How to Start Your Own Commercial Cleaning Business: Franchising or Starting from Scratch?

Many people have been thinking about starting their own commercial cleaning business lately. After all, commercial cleaning is recession resistant and allows autonomy that isn’t available in most jobs. However, you may still be stuck on one big decision: Should you start from scratch, or own a franchise

Once you start a commercial cleaning business, the growth possibilities are truly endless. The demand for commercial cleaning is very consistent, because businesses will always need to be cleaned. Particularly in the wake of Coronavirus, companies are taking their responsibility in providing a clean and safe environment more seriously than ever.

What is Involved in Opening a Commercial Cleaning Business?

Whether you choose to franchise or start from scratch, a lot goes into starting your own commercial cleaning business. Starting any business requires an entrepreneurial mindset and a goal-focused approach. Fortunately, commercial cleaners rarely have trouble finding business so long as they maintain a good reputation for high-quality work.

Firstly, you’ll need to save up money to invest in your business. For a franchise, this is usually a single down payment. If you prefer to start from scratch, you’ll need to create a budget that includes marketing, supplies, training, insurance, and any other expenses you might incur.

One of the largest expenses people face when they decide to start a commercial cleaning business is the equipment. Commercial cleaning is different from residential cleaning in that it requires specialized (and often expensive) equipment. A commercial cleaning business must have certain tools that aren’t available to the general public in order to claim they can adequately disinfect an office space. The equipment also requires training to use, which is another expense.

You’ll also need to think about how you’ll get customers. Franchise owners benefit from working under a recognized brand that already has loyal customers. If you go the self-start route, you may need to create a website, social media accounts, and marketing materials. This may add to your overall costs, because you’ll likely need to hire a professional to assist.

Regardless of the method you use, it’s important to have a business plan that will guide day-to-day operations and long-term goals. Are you interested in growing a large operation, or are you just looking for a business that allows you to work from home with a flexible schedule and support your family? Who will handle finances? Think about what you would like your role in your business to be based on your strengths and what you enjoy doing.

Franchising vs. Starting From Scratch

Many people overlook the option of franchising a commercial cleaning business rather than starting from scratch. Each strategy has pros and cons, but franchising is often an easier and faster way to get started.

When you own a franchise, you have the full support of a large and respected commercial cleaning business. OpenWorks has a unique franchise model that stands out from many of its competitors, because it puts the franchisees first. The biggest benefit is that you’ll have guaranteed customers and won’t have to invest as much time and effort into marketing your services and making a name for your business. Additionally, you’ll receive ongoing training on the latest techniques and technologies and join a network of franchisees to build relationships with. OpenWorks has multiple regional support offices, so you’ll never be on your own if you have any challenges getting your business off the ground.

Purchasing a franchise is also more affordable than you may think. At OpenWorks, investments start as low as $9,000 down. When you consider the expenses of building a website, creating marketing materials, and purchasing supplies, franchises can often be less expensive than starting your own cleaning business. When you purchase a franchise, the costs are upfront and clear. When you start your own business, on the other hand, expenses can quickly creep up and you may find yourself over budget.

Some people prefer to have complete control over their business and brand, and franchising might not be right for them. But if you’re ready to start profiting from your business ASAP, an OpenWorks franchise is a great option.

Getting Started

OpenWork prides itself on helping hardworking people succeed in starting their own commercial cleaning business. In fact, over 35 years in business, we have helped over 700 franchisees support their families while enjoying flexibility and freedom. Our franchisees don’t spend time making sales calls or handling administrative tasks. Instead, they focus on building relationships with customers and growing their business through strategic decisions. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.