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Our elite network of service providers uses our TotalWorksTM office cleaning, disinfection, and decontamination services to improve your facility and make it a safer, healthier, and more productive place to work.

With more than 35 years of experience providing innovative facility solutions, OpenWorks is the company you can count on for a level of service that exceeds industry standards. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art technology, best practice training in disinfection, and environmentally-friendly processes that make your work environment safer and healthier.

Innovative Solutions That Add Value To Your Business

We apply our TotalWorksTM services to completely disinfect and decontaminate your workplace using EPA-approved disinfectants and adhering to CDC recommendations. This includes our Green Clean program, a comprehensive, environmentally-friendly process that uses low-impact cleaning chemicals and equipment to remove dust, bacteria, and pollutants. Not only does this improve your indoor air quality, but it often reduces your costs for cleaning supplies and lowers employee absenteeism due to “sick building” syndrome.

Since every office is unique, we work with you to create a plan that addresses your cleaning needs and provides consistent and reliable office cleaning and decontamination services. We offer these benefits to ensure your office is properly cared for:

  • Mandatory background checks for service providers
  • Local and corporate oversight and quality assurance program
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting
  • EPA-approved disinfects
  • Adherence to CDC guidelines
  • OSHA certified service providers
  • Safety and compliance processes and training
  • Environmentally-friendly Green Clean program
  • HEPA vacuums
  • Restroom maintenance
  • Hard floor maintenance
  • Carpet care
  • Professional day cleaning and disinfecting service
  • Window washing
  • Trash collection and recycling

Our network of elite service providers will prove that they care about your business as much as they care about their own. This is why our 98% customer retention rate is 53% higher than the industry average.

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Let our elite network of service providers deliver results that become a point of pride and distinction for your office.

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