June 1, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the way we think about cleaning. It is no longer enough to clean facilities, we now need to make sure we are providing the best protection against viruses to create a safe and healthy workplace for employees and visitors. Distribution centers are particularly vulnerable because employees often come in […]

April 8, 2020

If you’re ready to be your own boss, starting a cleaning business is one of the cheapest options available. As our economy grows, so does the need for more offices and homes that need cleaning. But just like with any startup, there are risks to starting your own cleaning business. Take a look at these common […]

April 1, 2020

There really is nothing like turning on the lights first thing in the morning to see a clean kitchen. Everyone enjoys that clean, put-together feeling. But not everyone enjoys (or has time to devote to) the process it takes to get there. Sounds like a booming business opportunity. But it’s deceptively hard to grow and […]

March 25, 2020

Many households and businesses resort to professional cleaning to save time on their busy schedules. As a result, professional cleaning services face increasing demand. This is a great time to swoop in and highlight your business. You’ll be a hero with your clients by creating a good marketing strategy. If you would like to grow […]

March 18, 2020

In today’s business environment, your cleaning business must have a positive online presence to thrive. Status Labs found that 70% of people read through the online reviews of local companies before deciding whether to use their services. Some of the things consumers check for when judging the legitimacy of a company are active social media […]

March 13, 2020

You’ve opened your first cleaning company and hired a few employees. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do cleaning company payroll.

March 6, 2020

Now that you’ve found a niche with your commercial cleaning company, it’s time to find clients to service. Some may take a bit more convincing than others, but they’ll all try to get several different quotes for their cleaning service needs. That means pinning you up against other cleaning companies to see which one is […]

February 28, 2020

In 2015, revenues for the cleaning industry was at $50 million dollars. 3.5 million people were employed by 875,000 cleaning companies. As we head deeper into 2020, the economy is expected to grow by a steady 2%. That means it’s a good time to start a cleaning business. But before you launch your website and […]

February 21, 2020

The global market for cleaning services is projected to reach $74,299 million by 2022. Factors such as increased disposable income have prompted the growth of the cleaning industry. If there’s an opportune moment to immerse in the sector, it is now. Whether you start a commercial or residential cleaning business, the benefits are undeniable. Cleaning […]