Marketing at OpenWorks

Behind the scenes at OpenWorks there are many cogs and gears that work together to make our company a success, including our Marketing Department. Marketing at OpenWorks is always multi-faceted and never boring! From supporting the sales team, current customers and franchise owners to advertising to prospective clients and franchisees, it’s rare to find a part of the company that Marketing doesn’t touch.

One of Marketing’s favorite responsibilities, however, is running our monthly marketing drops to potential customers. It’s a great opportunity to get creative, from coming up with copy to designing visuals such as flyers or direct mail pieces, and of course, building the drops themselves!

So, what does a marketing drop involve? Each month the Marketing team allots each sales person a certain number of drops – usually between 3 and 5 each – to hand-deliver to potential clients. These drops are created at OpenWorks HQ and shipped out to our regional offices each month. We then designate a day each month for our sales team across the country to deliver their drops at the same time.

Marketing starts by creating a mind map for each month of the year, taking inspiration from different seasons or sporting events. Sometimes the products inspire the copy and sometimes it’s the other way around. The products are ordered, the artwork approved (everything is branded with the OpenWorks logo) and shipped to the corporate office. Flyers and any other materials are designed, proofed and then sent to the printer. Once everything arrives at the corporate office, Marketing begins packing up boxes for each region. Given how rapidly we’re expanding, this can be a bit of a process!

Our marketing drops are super fun for Marketing to create and for the Sales team to implement. As well as being a great way to get in front of customers, it’s also just really enjoyable!

Below is a collection of our favorite drops from 2017:

Don’t let cleaning drive you mad this March!

Let OpenWorks put a spring in your step this season!

When you team up with OpenWorks, life’s a picnic!

We take cleaning and improving your facility to heart!

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