Why NOW is the Time to Buy a Franchise in San Antonio

If you’re looking for everything a big city has to offer, with the friendly, family feel of a smaller town, then look no further than San Antonio. If you’ve ever considered owning a franchise, here’s why OpenWorks’ recent expansion into the San Antonio market could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for:

One of the Best Places to Live in the USA

A recent study ranked San Antonio as number 23 in the country’s best places to live. With the warm climate, low cost of living, and close-knit communities, it’s no wonder that people are flocking to San Antonio in droves. Residents get to enjoy beautiful scenery, including city parks and rivers, a thriving food scene, and no end of fun and interesting activities. Whether the San Antonio Museum of Art is your thing, scouring for food trucks and quirky new pop-ups, or just cycling around the city, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

High Standard of Living

If you’re looking to invest in a home in the Lone Star state, look no further than San Antonio. A report published this year by the San Antonio Board of Realtors shows a median home price of $199,400, there are neighborhoods to fit every budget. For franchise owners looking to get their business up and running, you could do far worse than investing in a city which has seen a 3% increase in job growth over the past year. San Antonio dwellers enjoy a cost of living lower than the national average, and they pay less for expenses such as food, and even health care. With a unique history and culture (Tex-Mex, anyone?) San Antonio has grown into a hub of opportunity and expanding industry sectors. What better place to start a business?

Thriving Job Market

San Antonio has a very healthy job market, with unemployment rates dropping to 3.9% from 4.2% earlier this year. A notable gain in employment growth came from the health care industry, but there is also a strong demand from employers in the finance, computer science, and cybersecurity industries. Forbes has hailed San Antonio as one of the next biggest boom towns in the U.S., so if you’re looking to start your business in a flourishing market, you could do no better than San Antonio, Texas.

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