OpenWorks Announces 2018 President’s Club

PHOENIX – February 27th, 2018 – OpenWorks has announced today the location and winners of its President’s Club for 2017.

There is no greater or more coveted prize at OpenWorks than the annual President’s Club trip: an all-expenses-paid stay at a sought-after location around the world. Winners include the company’s top performers from the previous year, an impressive feat that everyone in the company is eligible for. From corporate to sales, from management to finance, all employees are in with the chance of taking home a spot on the winner’s list.

The last several years have seen winners jet off to Puerto Vallarta, Playa Del Carmen and Cabo San Lucas. OpenWorks is thrilled to announce that this year, the top performers will be rewarded with an exclusive 5-day, 4-night trip to Riviera Maya, Cancun.

Winners this year include five top sales producers, two top operations producers, four winners from corporate, one regional leader, and one division vice president. Each winner will be able to bring along a plus-one to enjoy the beautiful attractions Riviera Maya has to offer, and celebrate their successes from the year before.

Eligibility for President’s Club 2018 is open, and the contest is underway as employees work to make 2018 another successful year for the company.

About Us

OpenWorks was founded in 1983 by our current CEO, Eric Roudi. Roudi, a career entrepreneur, realized commercial cleaning was a massive and underserved $100 +billion industry. There were very few professional commercial cleaning companies at this time. Already intrigued by the idea of franchising, Roudi saw a great business opportunity by putting franchising and commercial cleaning together to create the unique concept we know today.

After diligent research and planning, Eric Roudi introduced OpenWorks Facility Services, a company that is committed to improving facilities by maintaining high standards and providing quality work to consistently make facilities cleaner, safer and healthier.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, OpenWorks has regional offices located in Los Angeles, California, San Francisco, California, San Diego, California, Seattle, Washington, Dallas, Texas, Austin, Texas, Houston, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Denver, Colorado, Tampa, Florida, Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Lyndhurst, New Jersey, Charlotte, North Carolina, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Washington D.C., and Phoenix, Arizona.

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