Your Job at OpenWorks Isn’t Just a Job, It’s a Career

An OpenWorks Career

When you’re hired at OpenWorks, it’s not just a job you’re taking on, but an entire career. You see, at OpenWorks, we are invested in your success and achievement. We value our employees — There is a reason we hired you, after all! We believe that we aren’t doing our jobs right if we don’t give you the tools you need to reach your career goals. That’s why at OpenWorks, we give our employees clearly outlined opportunities for promotion within the company, no matter where you start.


OpenWorks offers career-pathing for its employees, with options for promotion within the company. When it comes to open positions, we always look to promote from within before hiring outside talent. That’s because we recognize that some of the best talent is already a part of the OpenWorks family!


If you begin at OpenWorks in sales, you might begin as an Account Executive Trainee, which is typically a position reserved only for entry-level employees and recent college graduates. OpenWorks has excellent career opportunities for young people and recent graduates to find their first jobs, as well as to advance their careers. Above that is Account Executive, then Senior Account Executive, and finally, Director of Strategic Accounts. At OpenWorks, no matter where you start in the chain of command, you’ll always be given opportunities to move up within the company. Meet all the milestones along the way in your current position, and you’ll be a prime candidate for any open positions higher up.

And you don’t have to begin in sales, either. OpenWorks offers similar career-pathing for many of its positions, including career-pathing through the Operations positions as well as pathing to become a Regional Director.

If you are interested in starting a career at OpenWorks, visit our careers page to learn more about our many opportunities.