OpenWorks Fitness Challenge

In our first quarter of 2017, the OpenWorks Activities Committee rolled out our most competitive contest yet: The OpenWorks Fitness Challenge!

To start off the new year, we invited all of our employees to participate in our Challenge with the goal of collaborating with each other, challenging each other, and challenge ourselves to be healthier in 2017!

How it worked:
  • It started in January and ran for 8 weeks
  • Every employee had their own account using our designated fitness app
  • We earned points by achieving the daily goal for each activity and logged our daily activity for each challenge on the app
  • Every employee was given their own pedometer and employees with their own Fitbits or Apple Watches were even able to sync the app to their devices!
The Challenges!
Steps Challenge
  • Ran for the entire 8 weeks
  • 1 point was earned for every 10,000 steps walked daily.
Mini Challenge #1: At least 30 minutes of physical activity
  • 1 point earned if at least 30 minutes of physical activity was completed daily (walking/running, gym, yoga, fitness class, etc.)
Mini Challenge #2: At least 7 hours of sleep per night
  • 1 point earned if employees got at least 7 hours’ sleep per night.
Mini Challenge #3: Walk or workout with co-worker over lunch or before/after work
  •   1 point earned if this was true for the employee.

The Fitness Challenge gave OpenWorks employees the opportunity to engage as a team and challenge each other, all while improving our own personal fitness and getting healthier, and having fun.

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