OpenWorks Academy is a learning management system for ongoing training and development for all OpenWorks’ employees. The program, which started in May, is internally created and produced by Scott Sandberg, OpenWorks Manager of Training and Development. He joined the company in January after having a background in corporate university programs.
OpenWorks has adapted their training strategies to incorporate newer methods of learning and retention, particularly those used by younger employees. Typically, OpenWorks Academy offers a series of videos lasting between 90 seconds to 5 minutes, organized by specific function within the company such as equipment, sales, cleaning processes or account executive training.

The platform also includes video messages from OpenWorks executives and regional directors. The training sessions are designed to be brief and capture employees’ attention in short periods. The sessions do not exceed 30 minutes at a time. OpenWorks Academy has developed 80 videos with more being added each month.

“OpenWorks Academy is a great example of how methods of learning has migrated from lecture-based teaching to interactive training sessions,” said Sandberg. “Learning management systems like these focus on instruction through visual and interactive methods over shorter periods of time in which people can learn and process the information faster.”

After employees view each video on OpenWorks Academy, the platform provides a series of questions related to the previous topic. Viewers are encouraged to answer the questions through a thread of posts on the topic. Sandberg feels that employees also can learn a great deal from the answers and comments given by their co-workers.

OpenWorks Academy also incorporates gamification techniques into its platform to give users the opportunity to pass quizzes, like individual posts, leave comments and gain points. This method encourages overall engagement and fosters a fun sense of competition among employees.

OpenWorks Founder and CEO Eric Roudi said the new training and development system reflects a successful transition to current methods in which employees best learn and process information.

“We want to reach all of our employees to teach them about the processes of the company in the most instructive and engaging way possible,” said Roudi. “OpenWorks Academy provides effective instruction while creating a fun and interactive learning environment.”

In addition to the new training program, OpenWorks offers a number of other appealing benefits to attract and retain young employees in their offices around the country. The company provides a competitive pay structure, bonuses and incentives, promotions and a culture that rewards employees for positive results. Last year OpenWorks started the President’s Club, which annually rewards the company’s top producers with a trip to a resort destination.

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