OpenWorks Rewards Employees with Profit Sharing Initiative

Workers Receive Bonuses Based on Company Reaching Consolidated Net Profit Targets

 Phoenix, AZ (July 02, 2015) OpenWorks, one of America’s leading integrated facility services franchises, recently launched an initiative that shares the company’s profits directly with their employees and rewards them for their contributions to the success of the franchise.

In January, OpenWorks began a net profit sharing program for all of its employees across the county.  The company will provide bonus payments to their employees based on if the company approaches, meets or exceeds their targeted net profit goals.  The bonus amounts are determined by a percentage of the employees’ pro-rated salaries.

OpenWorks’ net profit sharing plan rewards employees with bonus payments through three tiers of payouts based on the company budget.

OpenWorks established this initiative as a way to motivate and incentivize their workers, and increase engagement across various regions and departments.  The positive effects of the program have already been realized, as the company reached their target bonus in Q1 of 2015.  All OpenWorks employees received their first bonuses in early May.

OpenWorks Founder and CEO Eric Roudi said the profit sharing concept was a way to drive engagement among its employees and departments while rewarding them for their contributions to the company.

“We all work together to achieve the same goal at OpenWorks, and we believe people should be rewarded for their performance,” said Roudi. “When OpenWorks succeeds, so do our outstanding employees throughout the system.”

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