OpenWorks Scavenger Hunt

Every quarter, the OpenWorks Activities Committee rolls out a company-wide activity to encourage employee engagement, and also foster a little friendly competition and camaraderie between our regions!

Our second quarter saw OpenWorks participate in a Scavenger Hunt. The Hunt was comprised of 3 weeks of questions and photo tasks, posted daily on our company Yammer page. Every week we had a Friday Challenge, where teams were encouraged to coordinate and dress up depending on that week’s theme. For Week One, we had Power Shirt Day, Week Two saw Wear Something Red, and Week Three asked that teams dress up as characters from their favorite movie or TV show.

Other challenges included:

  • Take a photo of an item in the OpenWorks green
  • Take a photo of something from the 1980s, in honor of the year OpenWorks was founded. Bonus points if the item is from 1983, the same year OpenWorks was born!
  • Take a photo with a red car
  • Name a TV show that is set in New York City. Bonus points if you upload a video of you and your team singing the theme tune!
  • Take a photo or a video of you performing a Random Act of Kindness
  • Name an ‘old school’ dance move. Bonus points if you upload a video of you and your team performing it to music!
  • Find your state flag
  • Name a song with a work theme. Bonus points if you upload a video of you lip-syncing to it!

We had an absolute blast taking part in our Scavenger Hunt, and are already looking forward to another round in 2018. In the meantime, we are looking forward to finding out what our activity will be for quarter three!

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