OpenWorks: The Perks

At OpenWorks, we try to make it so employees love coming to the office every day. It’s no secret that a happy and healthy company culture is at the center of our ethos, and we strive to ensure that our team is achieving a strong work/life balance.

We know that bells and whistles don’t necessarily make a business a great company to work for, but, with that said, OpenWorks does have some great bells and whistles. Benefits and perks are certainly no substitute for a genuinely supportive and nurturing work environment, but in addition to its thriving company culture, OpenWorks offers its employees some very competitive perks.

For example, OpenWorks offers an Employee Referral Rewards program to existing employees. If a team member refers a qualified individual for any of our current positions and that individual gets hired, we reward our employee with a cash prize as our way of saying thank you. Referrals are our favorite way of hiring new recruits – we spoke with Charlie, a Senior Account Executive at OpenWorks to learn more about how he has taken advantage of the program:

Charlie, Senior Account Executive
“Being a new employee at OpenWorks I realized quickly what type of person it took to be successful here. Realizing that there is an employee referral bonus, I used my recruiting background to my advantage. I know that most people I’ve worked with in the past had some of the core competencies that would make them successful here at OpenWorks. Some of those competencies are: being competitive, having a good work ethic, likes to have fun, and being money motivated. I encourage my co-workers and peers to take advantage of the employee referral program as it has already led to a sizable bonus for me, with a good chance that I will get another bonus soon. Not only does it reward you monetarily, but it helps the company move forward in the direction that will only lead to more promotions and growth from within”.

In addition to our Referral Rewards Program, OpenWorks offers a Fitness Wellness Program that allows employees to join any fitness center of their choosing and receive a reimbursement. OpenWorks offers a 75% reimbursement of monthly membership dues up to $20 a month, and reimburses 75% of an employee’s initiation fees up to $50. The OpenWorks Marketing Manager, Kylee Hoffman, spoke to us about her experience with the Fitness Reimbursement Program:

Kylee Hoffman, Marketing Manager
“I love going to gym, it’s how I unwind after a day in the office and at my desk. Before joining OpenWorks, I was already a member of a gym, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the company would reimburse me for a portion of the monthly membership fees! It definitely makes getting motivated to go to the gym that little bit easier!”

As well as our existing programs, OpenWorks offers a variety of travel and financial incentives to employees who meet and exceed their targets. Our quarterly Quota Crushers incentives awards our top sales producers with a staycation at a hotel or resort of their choosing along with a plus one and a gift card so they can enjoy a fancy meal together! There’s also electronic prizes to be won every quarter for the sales executives with the highest volume in new accounts, and for the district managers with the highest retention rates. And of course, we can’t forget our most coveted prize, our annual President’s Club trip to an exotic location for the year’s top performers from across the company.

OpenWorks is proud to reward its employees with perks and incentives to support our culture of a happy and healthy place to work, where people feel energized and excited to come to work every day. If you are interested in a career with OpenWorks, you can learn more here.