Property Managers: Commercial Property Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Improving your property – not just maintaining it

Keeping your tenants happy isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. This means the commercial property cleaning and maintenance services you choose is a critical business decision. No other company understands this better than OpenWorks. We understand that the bottom line–a clean, well-kept and maintained property, keeps current tenants satisfied and attracts new ones.

A win-win partnership

For more than 25 years, OpenWorks has provided clients with the commercial property cleaning and maintenance services they need to create favorable first impressions with potential tenants and keep current tenants happy. We have a 99% customer retention rate due to our focus and philosophy. We don’t just maintain properties, we improve them. This creates pleasing work environments that are safe and healthy environments for tenants and their clients and adds value to your business.

When you partner with OpenWorks, we eliminate the burden and time you need to spend hiring, retaining and managing a janitorial staff. You can always rest assured that your facility is clean, safe and well-managed so you can focus on other critical business and management issues. Our comprehensive facilities services include:

  • Centralized billing that saves you time
  • Documentation of daily service so that you stay informed and up to date
  • Access to trained and qualified staff, which saves you management time
  • Dedication to service standards that exceed most industry standards 

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