Q&A with Katrina Hughes, Denver Regional Director

Katrina jacket 1Katrina Hughes has lived in Colorado for most of her life. So when the opportunity arose to become the OpenWorks Denver Regional Director, she jumped at the chance to live and work in one of the places she loves most. Just last year, Hughes introduced OpenWorks to the Denver area and has already seen lots of success in helping people become business owners in Colorado. We’re excited to see what she’ll accomplish in the years to come! Read on to learn more about Katrina:

Q: What do you do for OpenWorks?
A: I oversee sales — both customer and franchise — and operations in the Colorado market.

Q: What led you to work for OpenWorks?
I came to OpenWorks via referral from our executive vice president. I was excited for the opportunity to introduce OpenWorks to Colorado and grow a team and office from the ground up.

Q: What do you love about your job?
 I love helping and coaching my team to perfect their craft and grow their careers. I also love helping and educating people on how they can become their own boss as an OpenWorks franchisee. So many people are looking for a way to be in business for themselves, and here I get to help them accomplish that goal.

Q: What is so great about becoming a franchisee with OpenWorks?

A: For the folks that don’t have a sales background and don’t want to cold call and knock on doors, they don’t have to in order to grow their client base and be successful; our team does that for them. I think that takes away some of the scariness associated with going into business for yourself.

Q: Why do you think Denver is a great place for someone to become an entrepreneur?
A: This is my hometown, and I’ve seen it grow exponentially throughout my lifetime, but it seems to have exploded in the past 5-7 years. Everywhere you look in Denver, there is construction, both residential and commercial. There are so many up-and-coming neighborhoods, and many have seen drastic turnaround in the past several years. New restaurants and businesses are moving to the area, creating a need for services like ours. This has brought a fun, foodie and upbeat culture to the Denver Metro Area, and it’s a great opportunity for folks looking to take that leap and go out on their own.

Colorado has historically been small business and entrepreneur friendly. Having been in business to business sales the majority of my career, I’ve seen many clients grow their business and see continued success in the past 5-7 years, as new businesses start and flourish.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not hard at work?
A:  I love the outdoors and everything that Colorado is about. Rafting, camping and snowboarding are some of my favorite things to do in the Colorado mountains. I enjoy live music and dancing in Denver. I also love to travel, both domestically and internationally. And last, but certainly not least, are the people I enjoy these things with. I have a big network of friends and family in the Denver area and hold those relationships near and dear to my heart.

Q: How has your past influenced your career?

A: My mom worked harder than anyone I’ve ever known, probably to the point of work/life IMBALANCE. However, she taught me what hard work and a work ethic look like. My dad is and my grandparents were entrepreneurs, so I’ve always been drawn to people who can go into business on their own and be successful. It’s part of what has always interested me with sales; you get to create your own destiny, and the harder you work, the more payoff you see. I’m excited to be here to help people achieve just that.