OpenWorks Employee Spotlight: Sherrie Holloway

Sherrie Holloway joined the OpenWorks family in 2009. Just seven year later, Sherrie has been promoted twice and couldn’t be happier with her position as a Franchise Manager. She loves that she gets to make a difference in the company, and peoples lives, every single day. We sat down with Sherrie to learn a little more about why she loves her position at OpenWorks.

How did you start at OpenWorks?

I started as an Inside Sales Manager — managing a sales team and setting up accounts for executive sales teams. I started transitioning over to more of a franchise sales role and became a Franchise Specialist — reaching out to potential candidates who might be interested in owning an OpenWorks franchise. From there I was promoted to Franchise Manager.

What do you do as a Franchise Manager?

As a Franchise Manager, I manage ten different regions in the OpenWorks franchise system. I continue to reach out to franchisee candidates to help them learn more about the franchise opportunity — pre-qualifying them, getting them through the process and following up afterwards. At OpenWorks, with promotions come flexibility and autonomy in your work. I pretty much have the freedom to dictate my own schedule and hours as long as the work gets done.

What do you like about working for OpenWorks?

Over the years, I have worked for a lot of large, well-known corporations. At these places, any time you wanted to do something different, there was so much bureaucracy to get through before you could affect real change. At OpenWorks, I feel as if my role makes a true impact. I feel so much joy and self-accomplishment when matching candidates with a great franchise opportunity, realizing their sometimes lifelong dreams of business ownership.

On top of that, OpenWorks absolutely recognizes its employees for all that they do. We sold a company record of 69 franchises last year, and OpenWorks recognized that I was a large contributor to that success. I received the President’s Club distinction for my hard work — which included an amazing five-day vacation at a beach resort, with an awards reception where our CEO thanked each of us personally for our efforts. At OpenWorks, we are all a team, and our teammates are always incredibly supportive of each other.

What would you say to someone looking at OpenWorks for employment?

I would absolutely advise anyone looking for a job to check out OpenWorks. It’s a company that appreciates its employees, allows them to take risks, affect change and achieve upward mobility. OpenWorks is expanding, and we’re expecting to have a lot more regions in the near future. I would love to be the Director of Franchise Sales one day, and at OpenWorks I know that it’s a real possibility for me because employees here are given the opportunity to grow.


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