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Q&A with Regional Director, Whitney Jones

  • Q&A with Regional Director, Whitney Jones

    Q&A with Regional Director, Whitney Jones

    Whitney joined OpenWorks in 2017 as a District Manager in Austin. After a tenure of six months, she was promoted to Regional Director of the Austin region. Here she talks us through her experience with OpenWorks so far, her rapid rise in the company, and why we’re her employer of choice.

    Q: What is your position at OpenWorks and how long have you been with the company? 

    A: I am the Regional Director of Austin and started with the company in June 2017, getting closer to my one year anniversary!

    Q: What are your job responsibilities, or what does a typical day look like for you at your job?

    A: Within my role, I am responsible for my region’s growth and retention. I work with my sales team to ensure they are hitting their personal sales objectives along with providing support to ensure we meet our overall regional objectives. I also work with our operations team to ensure high customer satisfaction which results in low termination rates. Working with my franchisees to ensure they are on track to meet their business goals is an important component of my job and one that I truly enjoy. We may also put a high priority on team lunches as well!

    Q: What led you to working for OpenWorks? (Also, if you were promoted from within, please elaborate) 

    A: I have industry experience and was looking to move from Portland, OR to Austin, TX. A current customer of OpenWorks was a previous employer of mine and they spoke highly of the customer service they were receiving. After doing a little research I was eager to meet with the management team to learn more. One thing that drew me to OpenWorks was the potential for growth within the company. Within six months of starting, I was promoted from District Manager (Operations) to the Regional Director.

    Q: What do you love about your job? 

    A: I absolutely love that I have the opportunity to help others reach their goals, both personally and professionally. Not only with my employees but my franchisees as well!

    Q: What do you love about working for OpenWorks? 

    A: I love that I’m 100% supported by my peers and the leadership team at OpenWorks. I also am an extremely competitive person so I absolutely love the contests and incentives!

    Q: What makes OpenWorks the employer of choice?

    A: The culture, training/development opportunities, incentives and continued support.

    Q: Is there anything coming up that you’re excited about in your job or for OpenWorks in general? 

    A: 2019 President’s Club (like I said, I’m competitive), further development of current employees and franchisees, watching the continued growth of my region and the company as a whole.


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