Q&A with Senior Account Executive, Lindsay Gaskins

lindsay-gaskinsLindsay Gaskins has been with OpenWorks for almost a year now, and is loving every minute of it! She’s recently been promoted to Senior Account Executive, and wants to pass on her secret: OpenWorks is an amazing place to work!

Q: What is your job title at OpenWorks?

A: I am a Senior Account Executive out of Denver, Colorado.

Q: What do you do for your job?

A:  I am a business-to-business sales rep and a sales mentor for new hires. The people are my absolute favorite part of my job. Being in outside sales, I get to meet new people every day and sell a service that I truly believe in.

Q: How long have you been at Openworks?

A: I started with OpenWorks on January 4, 2016. My regional director, Katrina Hughes, recruited me — we had worked together at a different company in a previous lifetime. Her excitement about OpenWorks’ culture and business model sold me on taking a chance with her and applying for a job at OpenWorks. As of a few weeks ago, I was promoted from Account Executive to Senior Account Executive.

Q: What did you do before working at OpenWorks?

A: After graduating college at Colorado State University, I got an internship in sales with a mobile phone company. After 6 months as an intern, I was promoted to account executive there, managing and selling to over 150 accounts. I then had the opportunity to join a sales team with a customer that sold and installed fire systems in commercial buildings. Over time, Katrina and I had kept in touch. When she needed another sales rep to join her team, I interviewed with her and made the best decision of my career: joining OpenWorks!

Q: Why is OpenWorks your employer of choice?

A: I love the culture, the people and our business model. There is a culture in OpenWorks that feels supportive and motivating.  Everyone pushes me to succeed and constantly challenge me to be the best! Along with that, the training/development is challenging and being held accountable for our numbers creates a competitive yet rewarding culture.

It is an exciting time to be a part of OpenWorks. I am so proud to be part of such a successful and impactful company!


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