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Our residential & commercial property maintenance services help create happy tenants

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We Don’t Just Clean & Maintain Your Property.  We Make Your World Better.

Keeping your tenants happy isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. This means the commercial property management cleaning and maintenance services you choose is a critical business decision. No other company understands this better than OpenWorks. We understand that the bottom line–a clean, well-kept, and maintained property, keeps current tenants satisfied, and attracts new ones.

A Win-Win Partnership

For more than 35 years, OpenWorks has provided residential and commercial property management clients with cleaning and maintenance services that add value to their business by keeping high occupancy rates high and maintenance costs low.

We have a 98% customer retention rate—53% higher than the industry average 45% rate—because we not only improve your property, we create a pleasing work environment that is both safe and healthy for tenants and their clients.

When you partner with OpenWorks, you’re getting exactly that, a partner. We eliminate the burden and time you need to spend hiring, retaining, and managing a janitorial staff. Our elite network of service providers will prove that they care about your business as much as they care about their own. So, you can always rest assured that your facility is clean, safe, and well-managed and focus on other business growth.

Our TotalWorksTM residential and commercial property management cleaning and maintenance service includes

  • Centralized billing for multiple properties and facilities services to save you time and money
  • Documentation of daily service and scheduled maintenance to keep you informed and up to date
  • Access to our elite network of service providers to save you supervision and management time
  • Dedication to service standards that exceed most industry standards

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Let us show you how an OpenWorks elite service provider can help create opportunities for your business to work better.

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