The Holidays Are Here! Keep Your Employees Engaged with These Engagement Ideas

Does a Scrooge-like attitude threaten your workplace’s upcoming holiday season? Are your employees feeling the winter blues? As days get darker and colder, it’s easy to fall into a funk. And your employees may be feeling especially down. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. Using a few key engagement ideas, you as their employer can boost morale and help them find joy during the holidays.

Here are some unique ways to encourage your team and help them find their holiday spirit.

Stock the Break Room

Everyone likes holiday treats, and what better time than around the holidays to let your employees know you appreciate them? Go above and beyond to stock the break room with extras you don’t normally put there as a special bonus for your employees. Make sure there’s enough to go around so someone doesn’t get left out.

As a bonus, double down on cleaning duty in the break room. A clean employee break room can boost productivity, and they’ll appreciate the extra spiffy area as a nice holiday perk. Ask your cleaner to spend more time on details, from nooks and crannies to how a room smells, so the break room looks perfect next time your employees report to work.

Make Work Fun—Plan a Holiday Event

If you’re looking to increase retention and improve morale among your staff, showing that you care around the holidays is important. Friends talk at holiday parties and brag about everything their employer did for them, and it breeds dissatisfaction if you don’t measure up.

Try to go above and beyond with an all-out holiday party this year. While you will have to work with a budget, try not to let money ruin the moment or hint that it’s an issue. You want your employees to have fun and enjoy themselves without any strings or guilt attached.

Book a restaurant that’s swankier than your usual place to help your employees feel extra special. Opt for bonuses or gifts that cost a little more than the previous year. Add an extra they aren’t expecting to their party, like a gift exchange, more dessert choices, or party favors.

Get everyone ergonomic keyboards or chairs for their offices, and demonstrate you want to help them create a healthier and safer work environment. You can even get creative with your gifts, like subscriptions or memberships to local gyms or health clubs. You’ll show them you care about their well being.

Forget Team Building

So many employees groan and moan when they hear “team building.” They decide to call in sick on a scheduled team building day, or they dread going to work. Instead of forcing everyone to do trust falls and solve inane puzzles together, while not-so-secretly loathing their very existence, try fostering a more natural environment for teams to grow.

Try other ways to help employees get to know each other, like planning a happy hour at the end of a workweek. It’s easy to open a bottle of wine during the last hour on a Friday. Offer to go pick up lunch if they want to order in once a week (it doesn’t even have to be on your own dime).

Anything you can do to encourage interaction and participation helps, especially to help new employees acclimate to the work culture. Employees who know and like each other will be more comfortable in the workplace and better able to focus on work, rather than the anxiety and distractions of awkward or nonexistent relationships.

Be Unique

Transform your office experience by re-creating the workspace. You don’t have to do a total redesign, but do try to amp up the fun and make the area more comfortable.

This can be anything from getting new, branded dishes in the break room to offering anyone who wants it a standing desk option. You can change furniture, create a casual meeting area with overstuffed chairs, or install an N-64 for lunchtime Mario Kart tournaments (okay, this may be best for millennial workers, so know your audience).

As long as you’re creative and open to ideas, the sky’s the limit in terms of what makes your employees feel more at home at work. While you don’t want them to feel like they can wear their pajamas and bring their pets (or maybe you do!), if you can help them appreciate the one-of-a-kind environment you provide, they’ll value it more. Plus you’ll get more dedication and harder workers out of the changes.

Implement New Feedback Engagement Ideas

What better way to start off the New Year than by encouraging your employees to be more transparent? You want them to trust you and come forward with their ideas and critiques so you can continue improving.

Employees like working for companies that share their values. They’re happy to work for you when they’re confident you’re doing good things, like hiring companies that also value sustainability. Implement a feedback system that includes surveys and open feedback opportunities, then invite your employees to let you know their opinions on everything from the vendors you use to the cleanliness of the building.

You may get a surprise at first with a few things you didn’t know they weren’t happy with. But if you welcome their feedback and use it to improve, they’ll be happier and you will be, too.

An All-New Staff

When you make changes like the engagement ideas above, your staff will hopefully feel like a new team. Remember that even if they’re skeptical at first, stick to it and they’ll learn to trust the company’s new attitude toward them.

The services you provide for your staff, from cleaning to stocking, can make a huge impact. Contact us for more information or to get started with OpenWorks.