What’s on Your Bucket List?

One of the responsibilities of the OpenWorks Marketing team is to create monthly marketing drops for our sales team to use in order to engage prospects and potential customers. As a process, it’s incredibly fun and provides a great opportunity to be creative and original with our branding!

December’s creation marks the eleventh marketing drop this year for OpenWorks, so the Marketing team wanted to create something special for the end of the year. Inspired by an aspirational theme, they decided to create a physical bucket list that would make a sweet addition to a desk, or any work space:








So, what does creating a physical bucket list involve? In addition to the obvious metal buckets, Marketing created a physical bucket list, and sourced items with an aspirational message:

  • ‘Run New Races’ – OpenWorks shoe laces
  • ‘Travel to New Places’ – OpenWorks mini travel kit, complete with a toothbrush, dental floss, and toothpaste
  • ‘Try New Foods’ – An energy bar

Marketing also created a festive holiday flyer to tie in the December theme.

As well as being an inventive way for our sales teams to intrigue potential customers, they’re a great opportunity for Marketing to develop new and collaborative branding methods. OpenWorks is a full-service facility management company with a distinct focus on green cleaning; as such, collateral that evokes a sense of aspiration or a message of improvement offers a creative and invigorating channel for getting the company’s mission across.

It’s also been an effective way to get employees across the company talking as we discuss what’s on our bucket lists for 2018!

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