Coronavirus Workplace Readiness & Re-opening Guide

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OpenWorks is grateful and proud to have had the opportunity to provide cleaning and disinfection services for over 4,000 facilities nationwide that enabled essential businesses to continue to operate at reduced risk levels during the COVID crisis.

This guide is designed to help businesses as they prepare to reopen.  

We have identified key common themes, considerations, and criteria that should be included in a re-opening plan to create health, safety, and re-opening experience for your employees and customers.

Plans will vary given the unique local and state government and industry regulations that pertain to each customer. However, we have identified four common elements  and sub-steps that should be included in every workplace re-opening plan:

  1. Create a Cross-Functional Team
  2. Prepare Your Facility
  3. Choose a Professional Cleaning Services Provider
  4. Prepare the Workforce
  5. Prepare Your Customers

Download the full Workplace Readiness & Re-opening Guide to learn more.