Why OpenWorks?

With most facility services companies, maintenance is all that matters. At OpenWorks, we combine innovative methods with our uniform system to not just maintain, but improve your facility. For your employees and clients, this means a cleaner, safer, healthier, and more productive place to be. But for you, this translates to results you can measure and money you can save.

Outsourcing is a Joint Partnership

Whether through a whole range of integrated services or through a single service function, OpenWorks specializes in understanding your needs and how to optimize deliverables that most impact your facility. Expertise and reliability are our top priorities.

Our Business is Improving Yours

Consistent, best-in-class service adds value to your facility and your bottom line. That’s our mission, vision and values all rolled into one. It’s what makes us different, and is the foundation on which we have achieved success. It’s the OpenWorks Difference.

The OpenWorks Difference

Excellence for our customers and for our associates. That’s our mission, vision and values all rolled into one. It’s what makes us different.

Information For:

  • Corporate Procurement
    We understand that contracts are between companies, but performed by individuals.  At OpenWorks, we cultivate facility improvement while building relationships.
  • Facility Managers
    Find out how we’ll help you create flawless working environments that keep your tenants happy.
  • Property Managers
    Keeping existing tenants satisfied while attracting new ones — that’s just one of the reasons why OpenWorks has a 99% client retention rate.
  • Financial Officers
    Dependable facility services that add value to your bottom line.  See why OpenWorks has been providing top-quality services for over 25 years.
  • Executives
    We’re as serious about our business as you are about yours.  Learn more about our flexible, full-service approach to facility improvement.
  • Job Seekers
    If you think you have what it takes to be part of the OpenWorks Team, learn more about our dynamic and fast paced organization.