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OpenWorks is the Best Commercial Cleaning Franchise and Provides Conversion Opportunities for Existing Operators.

No Selling Required.

Start a business with guaranteed customers.

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If you’ve been running your own cleaning business for a few years servicing homes and/or small businesses, you enjoy the flexibility it provides as well as the income, and know-how to meet customers’ needs. You’re ready to expand, but you need to work with a company who can help you grow.

As the best commercial cleaning franchise system, OpenWorks can help you apply what you’ve learned and leverage your experience into our TotalWorksTM cleaning and disinfection suite of services, that offers unlimited growth potential.

We’ve helped nearly 500 franchisees build businesses they can be proud of. If you are serious about wanting to build a high-volume, high-dollar business, we’re perfect for you.

  • We provide comprehensive training in business management and employee recruitment and training.
  • There are no up-front costs for equipment.
  • Start for as little as $9,000 down.
  • No selling required. Our nationwide business development team supplies all the customers you need.
  • No time-consuming administrative tasks. Our back-office and support teams handle billing and collections.

At OpenWorks, we are a team. We were founded in 1983 and have built the best commercial cleaning franchise network with our franchisees or franchise owners. With over 20 regional offices, and a nationwide footprint, we can help you take your business to the next level.

As a successful business owner, you know what it takes to build and grow a business, and your track record shows you have what it takes to be successful. Teaming up with the best commercial cleaning franchise system will add to your success.

What Our Franchisees Say

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